Mid-week Workout Review

Would you approach a workout differently if you knew you had to review it afterwards?!?

As a way of trying to keep me more accountable in my training Chalking Fitness launches it’s first Youtube series: Mid-week Workout Review. Each Wednesday I’ll endeavour to share Wednesday’s workout with you, courtesy of The Athlete Centre Didcot, and reflect on how it went.

I hope it will also help me to continue to enjoy my training, seeking for the positives (no matter how small) in my training. After all no one wants to watch a videos of me moaning how burpees kicked my ass again – and I don’t want to film it.

Fitness x Mindfulness

I’ll embed the videos below, or simply subscribe to Chalking Fitness on YouTube.

#1 28th August 2019

#1 – The barbell got heavy quick & the down-ups never got easier

#2 4th September 2019

#3 12th September 2019 – Crossfit New England Special

#4 19th September 2019