Chalking Fitness Podcast

Chalking Fitness is an eclectic mix of media. From written reviews found on this blog, to short posts & videos on the Chalking Fitness Instagram page; longer videos can be found on the Chalking Fitness YouTube channel.

A Chalking Fitness podcast was something that I have always wanted to explore; it’s not happened until now as I feel audio-only benefits from having more than one voice to create more engaging natural conversation – hopefully improving the listening experience.

The hope is to create a series of podcast episodes with guests from across the fitness community.

#33 – Ellie on Exercise and Eating Chalking Fitness

A bumper episode with Ellie Geldard this week as we cover her journey in to CrossFit and how her passion for coaching is growing beyond the box into nutrition as well.Many will recognise Ellie as a familiar face on the UK competition circuit; we discuss her love for this, individual vs team and how that sense of community is always there regardless.We then get into Ellie's development as a coach and more recently expanding into nutrition with EllieGeldardNurtrition. We then wrap up with some QandA with some submitted questions.
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