Chalking Fitness Podcast

Chalking Fitness is an eclectic mix of media. From written reviews found on this blog, to short posts & videos on the Chalking Fitness Instagram page; longer videos can be found on the Chalking Fitness YouTube channel.

A Chalking Fitness podcast was something that I have always wanted to explore; it’s not happened until now as I feel audio-only benefits from having more than one voice to create more engaging natural conversation – hopefully improving the listening experience.

The hope is to create a series of podcast episodes with guests from across the fitness community.

#12 – Bold Brave and Badass with Helen Chalking Fitness

Our third and final episode of our “Women in Fitness” is with Helen, and it’s a great one. Currently “in theatre” with the RAF, we share the CrossFit coolaid before talking more at length about mindset & acceptance of change & uncertainty.⁣Helen is also the founder & drive behind @boldbra , a movement & business seeking to empower individuals & address the wastage inherent in the fast-fashion culture. Find Helen on Instagram either @helenmelyn or @boldbravebadass
  1. #12 – Bold Brave and Badass with Helen
  2. #11 – Just Doing This Now! with Sophie
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  4. #9 – CrossFit Cirencester with David and Anna
  5. #8 – Adam Klink on Running, Squatting and Life Hacks